Mammoth WVH founder Wolfgang Van Halen recently shared a post to criticize rapper DaBaby’s controversial statements about HIV-positive people and the LGBTQ community on his Twitter account. He also reacted to a fan’s response which accused him of being a racist.

As you probably know, DaBaby was one of the artists who participated in 2021’s Rolling Loud Festival along with Travis Scott, Post Malone, and many more. DaBaby wanted his audience to put their cell phone light up except ‘HIV-positives and gay men who had sex in the car parks’ when he was on the stage with Tory Lanez, who had shot Meghan Thee Stallion.

Thus, DaBaby’s words about homosexual and HIV-positive people caused a serious backlash from both the fans and other musicians. Elton John reacted DaBaby’s controversial statements saying that musicians should bring people to come together instead of discriminating and marginalizing them.

As one of the musicians who reacted to the discriminative words of DaBaby, Wolf Van Halen posted a tweet to make fun of the name of the rapper and to criticize what he said about HIV-positive and LGBTQ people. After a fan accused him of being a racist, Wolf reacted to these allegations by highlighting that calling out DaBaby for his homophobic words cannot be regarded as racism.

Wolf Van Halen’s tweet read:

“Who would’ve guessed a dude who’d professionally call himself ‘DaBaby’ has some really dumb shit floating around in that noggin of his?”

A fan responded:


Wold answered the fan saying:

“Lol, racism is calling someone out for being a homophobic asshole? Ok, bot.”

You can see the tweets below.