Wolfgang Van Halen, the bassist and the youngest member of Van Halen, has reacted to the news in which he was compared to his father in playing the band’s iconic song ‘Eruption‘ and ended the debate.

As you may remember, Wolf Van Halen posted a video of his performance to one of the most renowned Van Halen songs, ‘Eruption,’ a few days ago. Put up a great show on the bass guitar, Wolfgang has mocked his fans by claiming this is his entire upcoming album, 35 seconds of ‘Eruption’ on bass.

He added that he will play 35 seconds of ‘Spanish Fly’ on bass and nothing else for his second solo album. While his fans appreciated the sense of humor and the talent of the musician, this highly laughable and admirable post led to a comparison. Wolfgang was compared to his father Eddie Van Halen, who is the writer of the song, by a website.

The bassist has immediately revealed his response to the case and the website on Twitter. Wolfgang said that it is of course his father Eddie Van Halen who plays better. He implied that it would be nonsense to compare them since he is the song creator’s son who played it on a random afternoon as a joke.

Here is what was said in the tweet Wolfgang responded:

“Wolfgang or Eddie Van Halen: Who Played ‘Eruption’ Better?”

Wolfgang replied as:

“Um.. probably Eddie Fucking Van Halen.”

He also added that:

“Hmm let’s see, is it the son who played it on a bass in one take with his pants off on a random afternoon as a joke or was it the dude who fucking wrote it? I dunno, you tell me.”

You can see the tweets below.