Eddie Van Halen‘s son and the current guitarist of Van Halen, Wolfgang shared another dialogue he had with a fan and revealed his solo album wasn’t inspired by Tool or Maynard James Keenan.

As you might know, Eddie Van Halen’s son and the youngest member of Van Halen, Wolfgang has been working on his solo album for a while now. Wolfgang has been sharing the details of his album from time to time on social media and responding to the questions of the fans about the album and his music.

Recently, Wolfgang Van Halen shared his response to a fan’s question wondering whether as a big fan of Tool, Wolf was influenced by Maynard James Keenan or Tool while creating his music. Wolfgang replied to the question by revealing the possible influence of Tool in his creative process, however, he insisted that the fans shouldn’t be expecting other musicians’ or bands’ impact on his upcoming solo album.

Furthermore, Wolfgang stated that the people who had heard his songs ‘struggled to identify what it sounded like.’ Wolf emphasized the main purpose of creating his music was to make it unique as possible.

Here’s the fan’s question about Wolfgang’s source of inspiration regarding his music:

“BTW I saw that you’re a big Tool fan as well. Can we expect some kind of inspiration from that band in your music? “

As a response to the question, Wolf shared a statement to clarify the issue and wrote:

“Thanks, friend! I’m really not sure what anyone can expect from my music. I’m sure the Tool influence comes out in certain places, but I’d like to think my music isn’t necessarily emulating a certain band’s sound as it is attempting to cultivate an original one. I guess we’ll see if I succeeded or not when people listen to it!

My most treasured compliment from people who have heard my music is that they struggle to identify what it sounds like. They’ll say they hear certain influences here and there, but overall it sounds like itself. I dig that.

I’m excited to hear what people have to say in terms of what they think influenced it, though! Thanks again, my dude.”

You can see the photos of Wolfgang Van Halen’s response to the fan’s question on Instagram below.

Photo Credit: Wolfgang Van Halen – Instagram