Wolfgang Van Halen, the bassist and the youngest member of Van Halen, has shared a short video in which he played the piano part of the band’s 1991 song ‘Right Now‘ and answered the question of a fan who asked whether his dad taught him how to play the piano.

Lately, Wolf Van Halen seems like he has been searching for ways to spend his free time in lockdown with some entertaining occupations. As you may remember, he has worked on his debut solo album for a while and completed it a few weeks ago.

Wolf said that he is very proud of the result as he has found his own style and implied that he is ready to release the album as soon as the global pandemic ceases a little bit. After finished working on his album, Wolfgang headed towards searching for self-quarantine activities.

On his latest Twitter posts, Wolf released some videos in which he played the Van Halen song ‘Right Now’ and Nine Inch Nails song ‘The Frail.’ He admitted that he has been practicing piano a lot more since lockdown. Wolfgang added that he is happy at least he can play a few songs he likes.

A fan, whose name is Christian, asked Wolfgang a question under the tweet he posted the video in which he performed the piano section in ‘Right Now’, which came out with the Van Halen album ‘For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge‘ in 1991.

The fan asked whether Wolf’s father Eddie Van Halen taught him how to play the piano. Wolfgang said that he didn’t and the only thing he taught him was the drumbeat to ‘Highway To Hell.’

Here is what Wolf Van Halen said in his latest tweet in which he shared his piano performance:

This is what y’all really wanted to hear though, right? ‘Right Now Van Halen. PS – Can you pinpoint the moment where my knowledge of how to play the song runs out?”

The follower, whose name is Christian, replied and said:

“Did your dad teach you how to play piano? I was told that he’s the one who came up with the piano riff.”

Wolf Van Halen answered as:

“Nope! The only thing my dad ever really taught me was the drumbeat to ‘Highway To Hell.'”

You can see the tweets and the full version of the song Wolf plays, ‘Right Now’, below.