The founder of Mammoth WVH, Wolfgang Van Halen, recently posted a photo with Mammoth WVH’s producer on his Instagram account and paid his respects to his partner in crime, while saying that he cannot wait to work with him again.

As you know, Wolf released his debut solo song ‘Distance‘ in November 2020, as a tribute to his father, Van Halen’s legendary guitarist Eddie, who passed away after battling throat cancer for over five years. The song was a huge success and ranked No.1 on the Billboard charts, surpassing even AC/DC’s new album ‘PWR UP.’

After that, Wolf announced that Van Halen will not be reuniting and started working on his solo career. For the past months, he has been teasing his fans about Mammoth WVH’s debut album and just some weeks ago, he announced that it will be released on June 112021. He also dropped a brand new single ‘Youre To Blame‘ which excited his fans even more.

With his recent Instagram post, Wolf revealed the producer of his first album, who turned out to be Michael Elvis Baskette. Baskette has made a name in the rock scene as he has worked with popular musicians and bands such as Slash, Alter Bridge, Tremonti, Chevelle, and many more. He is now the producer of Wolf’s debut album who looks like he has enjoyed working with Baskette immensely.

In the caption of his post, Wolf celebrated Baskette’s birthday and called him his ‘partner in Mammoth WVH crime.’ Wolf expressed the happiness that this collaboration gave him and stated that Baskette has a very special place in his life and that he’s like a brother to him. Wolf went on to insinuate that they’ll be working together on Mammoth WVHs second album as he said that he can’t wait to get back in the studio with Baskette.

Here’s what Wolfgang said in the caption of his recent Instagram post:

“The happiest of birthdays to my partner in Mammoth WVH crime and producer extraordinaire, Mr. Elvis Baskette. Can’t wait to get back in the studio with you, my brother! ❤️”

Click here to check out the photo that Wolfgang posted on his Instagram account and you can listen to ‘Youre To Blame‘ below.