Mammoth WVH founder and ex-bassist of Van Halen, Wolfgang Van Halen, was the special guest of Jason Brow of ‘Hollywood Life’ this week and shared the never-told-before details about the self-titled debut album of Mammoth WVH.

As you may already know, Mammoth WVH has released the second single named ‘You’re To Blame’ from their debut album which will be released on June 11, 2021. The album will feature 14 songs including the singles that were released before and it’s now available for pre-order on many streaming platforms and music stores.

In his latest interview with Hollywood Life, Wolf has talked about his first-ever album with Mammoth WVH and revealed if he feels any pressure to be like Eddie Van Halen on his first-ever album. According to Wolf, he wants to do whatever song needs rather than making unnecessary guitar solos for showing off.

Wolf also shared the reaction of his mother to the album for the first time ever. Wolf stated that his mother cries whenever she listened to anything from him and feels proud every single time.

Here is what he said about the context of the album:

“I was able to put it out of my mind because I know people are going to think that either way, no matter how many times I say ‘I’m not going to be doing this. Because I know everybody’s just going to have a hint going like, ‘I’m sure it’s going to show up at some point’ kind of thing. You just kind of put it out of your mind, and I’m just making music that I want to hear. And I guess we’ll see if that’s what other people want to hear.

My parents were never like that with me growing up. I do everything I can within the context of the song to really try and make everything shine, never to a point where it’s overdoing it. I think that’s where people will be surprised that there are not too many guitar solos on the album because I always make it for the song.”

He continued:

It’s never an opportunity to kind of shred or show off. It’s just kind of what fits the song at this moment the best. There are definitely guitar solos on the song, ‘You’re To Blame’ that’s out. There’s definitely a guitar solo on that. But overall, I find what I do being based around a songwriter mentality rather than somebody who’s trying to show off.

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