Eddie Van Halen’s son and the youngest member of Van Halen, Wolfgang responded to the weird requests of his Twitter followers and wondered whether they were real or he was on some pills.

As you may know, the current bassist of Van Halen, Wolfgang often uses his social media accounts to reach out to his fans and answer their question about his personal life as well as his music career. Wolf also had a tendency to not ignore the criticism of the haters of strange requests from his followers.

Recently on Twitter, Wolfgang posted the screenshots of a conversation he had with a Twitter user and stated he actually blocked that person afterward. Another follower commented on the photos by asking Wolf not to block him as well. As a response, the young musician stated that he wasn’t blocking people for no reason and added:

“I love this. Like I block people for no reason at all? Lol

It’s simple. Super simple. Just try not to be an asshole. Not that hard. Although this is Twitter so maybe it’s not as easy as I thought.

Wolfgang continued:

“To be honest it’s way more fun to bother assholes and trolls back until the point that they block me. Very tasty.

But hey, sometimes it’s just way easier to block them.

Furthermore, Van Halen icon received another weird request from a fan named Tony Sepulveda asking him not to block his Twitter account since he was trying to convince Wolf to give him an autographed LA street sign.

Here’s the comment posted by the fan named Tony Sepulveda:

Don’t block me. I’m still tryna get u to borrow me a Los Angeles street sign with my last name ‘Sepulveda Blvd‘ and autographed..that would be awesome and street cred lol.

As a response, Wolfgang stated he didn’t quite understand why people were asking him the same question constantly even though he explained it so many times before. This time, Wolf mentioned he wasn’t sure whether these reactions were real or he was on some sorts of crazy pills.

Here’s how Wolf Van Halen replied to the strange requests he received on Twitter:

“Bro why the shitfuck would I block you? Why do people keep saying this? Is this just some boomer shit or am I on crazy pills or something?

You can see the tweets posted by Wolfgang Van Halen on Twitter below.