Wolfgang Van Halen recently posted a series of tweets on his Twitter account and expressed his anger towards news articles about Eddie Van Halen’s iconic guitars being auctioned and stated that it might be a good idea for him to distance himself from social media.

There is no doubt that 2020 has been a difficult year for Wolfgang and his family. As you might recall, Eddie Van Halen passed away on October 6 this year after battling throat cancer for more than five years.

Wolf channeled his feelings to music and tried to imagine his life without Eddie while he was still battling cancer which leads to the writing of ‘Distance.’ Wolf released the song as a tribute to his father on November 16 and soon enough, the song achieved critical acclaim and ranked 1st on iTunes and in numerous categories on the Billboard charts.

Although Wolf has been trying to stay strong and move on with his life, social media and hateful comments make it harder for him to cope with his father’s loss. Recently, Wolf was blamed and attacked on social media for auctioning Eddie’s guitars after his passing.

Obviously, Wolf was not auctioning any of his father’s guitars, instead, the three guitars that were being auctioned were; Eddie’s gift to a friend, the other is rumored to have been played on stage, and the last one was a prop which was used in a Van Halen music video.

However, the headline did not make it clear that it was someone else selling Eddie’s guitars, and as people are quick to judge, everyone started criticizing Wolf for selling his deceased father’s guitars.

Wolf addressed these allegations through his Twitter and Instagram accounts. He posted multiple tweets explaining the real story behind the auctioned guitars and criticizing the people who are trying to make money off his father’s death. He even commented under one of the news articles on Instagram and clarified his position.

Here’s what Wolfgang Van Halen commented on Instagram under a mistitled news:

“Before the comment section takes on a life of its own with people not reading the article. I had nothing to do with this. I would never sell any of my father’s guitars. They are priceless to me. They belong in a museum if anything. The stories for this have been saying they were ‘iconic’ guitars. Not true.

That makes it seem like the ‘Frankenstein’ or the ‘Shark’ guitar was sold. Yeah, that’s bullshit. One of the guitars auctioned off was actually a gift so yeah, seems a little shitty if you ask me. I initially thought that this was a charity auction, but it wasn’t. Just people taking advantage of the situation and selling anything that had to do with my father. So, as I said above, ‘fuck em.’ Have a wonderful day and try not to be so negative all the time.”

Wolf’s life is stressful enough and it seems like he does not have the patience and emotional power to deal with social media anymore. In his latest tweet, he expressed his anger towards the people who comment negatively by only reading the headline instead of the article.

He also expressed how annoying these past days have been and then said that it might be time for him to take another break from social media. This didn’t come as a shock to his fans who commented under his tweet saying that he needs to take some time off and take care of himself.

Here’s Wolf recent tweet about taking a break from social media:

“All it takes… All it takes… is to read the fucking article. It’s kind of incredible how nobody actually reads anything and just fortifies their opinion with a misleading headline. Might need to take another break from social media. Whew boy, today been annoying as fuck.”

You can check out Wolf’s Instagram response and his latest tweet below.