Wolfgang Van Halen, widely known dor being the bassist of the legendary band Van Halen, shared a post on his official Twitter page clapping back to a disrespectful hater insulting him over a rumor about a Van Halen reunion.

As you may remember, Wolfgang Van Halen after losing his father, iconic guitarist Eddie Van Halen, stayed away from social media for a while. Wolfgang has returned to Twitter, after a long time, to open up about his emotions about the rumors that Van Halen will have a reunion with Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony.

Wolfgang Van Halen reacted to those rumors and stated that taking advantage of heartbreaking news should stop and everybody who is supporting the fake news is not only hurting the Van Halen fans but hurting the Van Halen family.

After this ugly incident, a hater shared a post on Twitter and disrespected Wolfgang Van Halen by insulting him brutally and underestimating his talent.

Here is what the hater said:

“You are an idiot. Saying a reunion is “hurting my family” is crybaby bs. The fans want Van Hagar or Van Dave, not you. STFU douchebag!!! You will never have as much talent as even one of Valerie’s late ex-husbands’ guitar picks!”

Here is what Van Halen said:

“Here’s the attention you asked for. Also, go fuck yourself.

Wolf Van Halen later on continued and shared another post stating that his time off from social media seemingly was not enough and expressed his regrets about clarifying the fake news and opening up about his emotions.

Here is how Wolf Van Halen continued:

“Been off for a while. Apparently not long enough. When stupid rumors make it to me outside of this social media hellhole I thought it was important enough to clarify that it was bullshit. Sorry for the clarity, everyone. I’m out.”

You can see the Twitter posts below.