Van Halen former bassist Wolfgang Van Halen shared a post on his official Twitter page revealing his favorite picture with the late guitarist and his father Eddie Van Halen on stage in addition to opening up about the loss of his beloved father.

As many of you know, Eddie Van Halen passed away due to throat cancer nearly three months ago and it was his son, Wolfgang Van Halen who announced the devastating news via a Twitter post. After the heartbreaking incident, both musicians and fans from all around the world grieved for the legendary guitarist.

The loss of Eddie Van Halen affected his family the most, especially his son with whom Eddie had a very close and dear relationship. Eddie had a huge impact and influence on Wolfgang’s life and career, therefore, losing his father and mentor must have wrecked him.

Wolfgang Van Halen recently shared a picture with his father, Eddie Van Halen on stage on his official Twitter page revealing that it is one of his favorite pictures with his father and stated that they both were having the best time in the world. Wolfgang also opened up about the loss of his father by expressing his longing and love for Eddie Van Halen. 

Here is what Wolfgang stated in the caption of his photo with his father:

“Apparently ‘Eddie Van Halen’ is trending right now, so I guess I’ll add to it. Here’s one of my favorite pics of Pop and I on stage. Having the time of our lives. I miss it so much. Love you, Pop.”

You can see the Twitter post below.