During a recent interview on Radio.com’s Live Check-In, Wolfgang Van Halen talked about the future of his solo career and gave details about the release date of his highly anticipated first solo album as Mammoth WVH.

After Eddie Van Halen’s passing on October 6, 2020, upon battling cancer for more than five years, Wolf released his first solo record ‘Distance‘ which he wrote while his father was still alive. The song was released as a tribute to Eddie under his solo career name Mammoth WVH and it was a huge success as it ranked No.1 on the Billboard charts.

This obviously increased the excitement of his fans who have been expecting the release of his first solo album. In his recent interview, Wolf talked about the recording process and revealed that even though his band consists of Garrett Whitlock, Frank Sidoris, and Ronnie Ficarro, the recording is all him and that his bandmates are only there for the live shows.

Wolf said that he has been working on his first album for a while now, that he actually has the album ready to go, and stated that he has recorded so many songs that he has even prepared half of his second album. He also revealed that even though he hasn’t decided on the release day yet, it will be no later than this spring.

This is what the interviewer asked:

“Have you recorded other stuff for the album? You said that you guys have been playing together since 2018. Is there a Mammoth album somewhere waiting?”

To which Wolf responded:

“When it comes to the studio, it’s still all me, they’re just helping me live. I’ve got the album ready to go, it should be out this Spring, I think. We don’t have a date yet. But yeah Spring. I recorded so many songs for the first album, I even got half a second album ready to go. “

You can listen to the entire interview via Radio.Com below.