Eddie Van Halen’s son and also the youngest member of Van Halen, Wolfgang Van Halen, has shared a throwback photo on his official Instagram page today and exposed an unseen photo from his childhood.

As the whole community knows, Wolf is a die-hard video game fan and spending his free time with his consoles that he got in his house. Today, he posted his childhood photo that he’s wearing a Nintendo64 shirt while smiling at the camera.

After he sent that golden-worth image, almost 6K followers of Wolf pushed the like button on the post and Wolf made a quick question & answer session after sending the photo and unveil the true story of how did he become a gamer.

Here is what Wolf Van Halen wrote on the caption:

“Umm yeah, not trying to brag… but I’m a gamer.

#fbf #flashbackfriday #gamer #gamerboy #nintendo #nintendo64″

After an Instagram user asked if that was her mother who get into video games and Wolf Van Halen answered the question by revealing the true story of him being a gamer:

“It’s her fault I’m into games.

We played through ‘Zelda: A Link to The Past’ MANY times.”

You can check out that golden-worth photo of Wolf right below.