Van Halen’s current bassist Wolfgang Van Halen took his Twitter account once again to mess with a hater who claimed Wolf was ‘riding the success’ of former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony, yet wasn’t able to write his name correct.

Eddie Van Halen‘s son and the youngest member of Van Halen, Wolfgang has been sharing the details of his upcoming solo album on social media platforms. He often answers the most wondered questions about his highly-anticipated album and his music career as the bassist of the legendary band Van Halen.

Particularly due to his heritage, Wolf is often compared with his father Eddie or with the iconic ex-Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony. However, as he is known for his wittiness, Wolfgang previously stated he actually enjoyed messing with these people who criticized him harshly.

Recently, received a comment from a Van Halen fan on Twitter comparing his music with Michael Anthony‘s by claiming he was actually ruining the classic Van Halen songs with his ‘mindless filler runs.’  However, Wolf asserted that this Twitter account had everything it takes to be a bot with the nickname and zero followers.

Another Twitter user named Tim Long commented on Wolfgang’s response agreeing to the idea that he was simply ‘riding the success‘ of Michael Anthony and suggested Wolf get his own gig to fall on his face.

Here’s the tweet posted by Tim Long:

“Dude. Your just a punk kid riding the success of Micheal Anthony. Go get your own gig and fall on your face.

As a response to the comment, Wolfgang posted a series of tweets mocking with the Twitter user. Initially, he wrote about the grammar mistake Tim did in his comment by saying ‘your’ instead of ‘you’re.’ Then, Wolf realized that the Michael Anthony fan actually wrote the Van Halen icon’s first name wrong.

Here’s how Wolfgang responded to the criticism related to his music:

*You’re. Also, I’ve been falling on my face in numerous other projects for years, ya dingus.

“Also, it’s Michael*** not Micheal ya fuckin grape.”

Additionally, Wolf made a joke about the Twitter user’s name by stating:

“Tim Long more like Tim Short lol gottem.”

You can see the tweet Wolfgang Van Halen posted on Twitter below.