The legendary band Van Halen’s bass guitarist, Wolfgang Van Halen, showed his humoristic side once again by sharing a new post on his official Twitter account and started a new campaign.

Wolfgang saw a funny video on TikTok and shared it with his followers. In the video, the person who was recording the video was holding a pan in his friend while calling his friend with his name, ‘Angus.’

Later on, he hit Angus’ head with the pan. Following the impact, Angus hit his head on the left side of the piano, and the person who was holding a pan started to play Van Halen’s one of the most known songs of all time, Jump.

Wolf seemed so happy with the video that he said he is praying for Angus who got hit by the pan and started a campaign for him. He stated that one like is equal to one prayer and encouraged the fans to like the post.

Here is what Wolfgang Van Halen said:

“Praying 4 Angus…

1 like = 1 prayer plz retweet.”

You can check out the posts below.