Wolfgang Van Halen revealed his wish to collaborate with Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl during a recent appearance on 95.5 KLOS.

After the passing of Eddie Van Halen through the end of 2020, Wolfgang formed his solo band, named Mammoth WVH, and he even released a self-titled debut album this month.

Wolfgang was playing only bass guitar in Van Halen, but the most interesting part about the Mammoth WVH album is, Wolfgang actually played all the instruments in the recordings, including the drums.

In the conversation, Wolfgang mentioned that he wants to collaborate with Dave Grohl and Nine Inch Nails drummer Ilan Rubin and explained why it would be such fun and cool to work with these musicians.

Wolfgang pointed out that all of them can actually play any instrument they want to, so it would be a really fun project to see because they can swap the instruments around during the recordings.

Wolfgang Van Halen said:

“I had this really fun thought where I thought it’d be really fun or really crazy cool to collaborate with Dave Grohl and also with Ilan Rubin, who plays drums for Nine Inch Nails – because we each play everything.

“So it’d be a really fun project to see like – what do you play for this song? What do you play for this song? And kind of swap around the whole time. I think that’d be crazy.”

Further in the conversation, Wolfgang also revealed that he loves to listen to such bands as Foo Fighters, Tool, AC/DC, and he showed how much these bands inspired his musical career.