The founder of Mammoth WVH, Wolfgang Van Halen, recently responded to a fan’s aggressive and politically loaded message on Twitter and insinuated that he won’t be changing himself just because some people don’t like it.

Wolf has been making it to our headlines quite often for the past months, and especially upon the release of his debut solo song ‘Distance.’ As you may recall, in October 2020, the whole rock world mourned the passing of Van Halen’s legendary guitarist Eddie after battling throat cancer for over five years.

While his father was still alive, Wolf started writing ‘Distance’ as a means of coping with his father’s deteriorating health and he released the track approximately a month after his passing as a tribute to Eddie. The track achieved mainstream success and ranked Number 1 on the Billboard charts surpassing AC/DC’s new album.

After that, Mammoth started working harder on his solo band Mammoth WVH and he recently announced that his debut solo album will be released on June 11, 2021. Besides this exciting announcement he also dropped a brand new single, ‘Youre To Blame‘ from the upcoming album and increased his fans’ excitement.

Wolf has also been going live on shows and his most recent performance was on Jimmy Kimmel which was applauded by thousands of viewers. He recently announced that he’ll be going on live at the Today show which airs on NBC on Friday 19, to which a fan responded rather aggressively.

Upon seeing Wolf’s latest announcement about going live on the Today show, a follower said that he’s not going to watch that show as it includes ‘hatefilled Democrats‘ and said that if Wolf plays there he’s not going to buy any of his products. To this, Wolf responded in a sarcastic way by saying asking his fans ‘WHAT DO I DO?’

Here’s what Wolf said in his first tweet:

“We’ll be on the Today show this Friday 2/19/21 8 am EST for a special acoustic performance of ‘Distance.’ I hope you tune in and enjoy.”

To which a fan responded:

“Not going to watch the hate-filled Democrats Today show. If you play there I wont buy any product of yours.”

And Wolf sarcastically replied:

“You guys, Glen won’t buy my products if I play on the Today show. WHAT DO I DO?!”

You can check out the tweets below.