The bassist and the youngest member of Van Halen, Wolfgang Van Halen has reacted to his fans who attacked him by his decisions over what to post on his social media accounts and made a clear statement.

As you know the talented bassist, who is getting ready to take a new step by releasing his debut solo album, has been quite active on Twitter and Instagram for some time now. Posting not only about his musical works, but also about all kind of things he likes with a sense of humor, Wolfgang has shown that his pages are more personal and intimate rather than the traditional.

On his latest Instagram post, Wolf made clear the situation about his social media pages to inform his fans, who expect him to change his style in posting. Sharing the screenshot of a dialogue between him and one of his fans on Twitter, he said that his accounts are not official Van Halen accounts and he is not the spokesperson.

If that bothers people, they may unfollow him, Wolfgang added. The musician had the last word by saying that his social media contents will include both the memes and the music, so his fans should accept both.

Here is what Wolfgang Van Halen said in his latest Instagram statement:

It’s totally cool if you follow me for whatever reason, but just know I’m gonna continue to post whatever the fuck I want. You have been warned.

This isn’t the official VH account. I’m not the spokesperson. This is my account, and I’m gonna post as many stick bugs as I want, capisce?

If that is an issue for anyone, there’s this magic little thing called the ‘unfollow‘ button that will whisk you away into a pleasant land where you don’t have to think about that ‘annoying and whiney Van Halen kid’ any longer.

If you can’t handle me at my meme-iest,
you don’t deserve me at my music-ist.

Peace be with you, and have a wonderful day. ❤️”

You can see the post below.