Wolfgang Van Halen’s band Mammoth WVH revealed on Instagram that they will take place in BFD 2021 festival alongside The Offspring.

As you might already know, Wolfgang’s father and guitarist Eddie Van Halen passed away back in October 2020, and Wolfgang shut down the Van Halen because there wouldn’t be a Van Halen without his father.

Later on, Wolfgang announced that he is recording a solo album and started a new band named Mammoth WVH. After a while, Wolfgang stated that the self-titled album is going to be released this summer.

Even before the release of the Mammoth WVH album, it seems like they managed to impress some of the festival organizers that they are going to share the stage with The Offspring in fall 2021.

Here is the official announcement from Mammoth WVH:

“Looking forward to this!”

You can check out the poster that the band shared below.

Photo Credit: Mammoth WVH – Instagram