Eddie Van Halen’s son and the current bassist of Van Halen, Wolfgang has been posting the short videos of his recording sessions for the upcoming solo album and his music seemed to have the influences of iconic rock bands Tool, Dream Theather and Van Halen.

As you might recall, the youngest member of Van Halen, Wolfgang has been working on his highly-anticipated solo album for some time now. The 29-year-old musician has been responding to the questions of the fans about his music and sharing the details of his upcoming project on social media platforms.

So far, it was revealed that Wolfgang had been using the legendary ‘5150 Studios‘ of Van Halen to record his album. He also emphasized the fact that his music would not be anything like his father’s music or other musicians’ he admired.

On social media, fans often asked questions related to the possible guest artists and the impact of other musicians or bands on Wolfgang’s upcoming solo album. Previously, a fan wondered whether Wolf had any inspiration from Tool‘s music since he was known as a big fan of the band.

As a response to the question, Wolf shared a statement to clarify the issue and wrote:

“I’m really not sure what anyone can expect from my music. I’m sure the Tool influence comes out in certain places, but I’d like to think my music isn’t necessarily emulating a certain band’s sound as it is attempting to cultivate an original one. I guess we’ll see if I succeeded or not when people listen to it!”

However, Wolfgang has been sharing the short videos of his recording sessions of the album and his music seemed to have the influence of the sounds from certain bands, including Van Halen, Tool, and Dream Theater, which appeared to be impossible considering his career alongside with the metal music legends since his childhood.

As you will see in the video below, Wolfgang Van Halen’s solo album looked like it would satisfy the expectations of the fans.

You can watch the videos of Wolfgang Van Halen’s work in the studio below.