Wolfgang Van Halen recently posted a tweet on his Twitter account considering his solo career and Van Halen’s future, with which he disappointed hardcore Van Halen fans.

As you may recall, Wolf released his first solo song called ‘Distance‘ as a tribute to his father, Eddie, on the 16th of November under the name Mammoth WVH. In previous interviews, Wolf had said that he started writing the song while his father was battling throat cancer, and Wolf was trying to imagine what his life would be like without him.

The song achieved critical acclaim both as a tribute to Eddie and as an achievement in Wolf’s career as a solo artist. The song ranked number 1 on iTunes and Wolf was praised for his musical talent.

Following that, Wolf was asked by hardcore Van Halen fans whether he will continue performing Van Halen songs as Mammoth WVH. To this, Wolf responded that he will be mainly focusing on his career as a solo artist, separate from Van Halen. However, he also said that there may be rare times in which he might play Van Halen songs.

Even though Wolf was clear about following his own path as a musician, the fact that he said he might play some Van Halen songs excited Van Halen fans. After that, Wolfgang found it vital to clarify that this wasn’t the aim of his answer.

Wolf recently posted a tweet that was funny for some and heartbreaking for Van Halen fans. In the tweet, he joked about how die-hard Van Halen fans misinterpreted what he said about his solo career and whether he will keep playing Van Halen songs.

While some supported Wolf’s desire to continue his career solo and separate from Van Halen by saying that he has already done enough for the band, others were heartbroken to find out that Wolfgang doesn’t aspire to continue Van Halen.

Here’s what Wolf said in his tweet:

“Die-hard VH fans: You’re going to be playing Van Halen songs live all the time with
Mammoth WVH, right?

Me: No. Absolutely not. Outside of something incredibly different I don’t see that happening. I think it’s important I forge my own path.

Die-Hard VH Fans: So, you’re telling me there’s a chance.”

You can check out the tweet that Wolfgang Van Halen posted on his Twitter account below.