Yngwie Malmsteen talked about his hobbies and collections as well as his time with Alcatrazz during a recent appearance on Darren Paltrowitz’s Youtube channel.

In the conversation, Malmsteen was asked if he collects anything as he had some iconic moments captured in some of his photos with numerous guitars and cars. In one of the pictures, he was in a room full of Stratocaster guitars, and he was standing next to ten sports cars in another footage.

Although most guitarists would have tons of guitars in their collections such as Kirk Hammett, Slash, and Gary Holt, Malmsteen revealed that he actually stopped collecting guitars at some point.

Besides that, Malmsteen also touched upon the fact that he loves driving and cars. As Malmsteen said, he is a very passionate fan of sports cars, especially of the widely known brand, Ferrari.

However, the legendary guitarist prefers collecting watches and guns rather than anything related to the music industry such as amplifiers, drum sets, picks, and more. Also, he mentioned that he only owns 70 Marshall amplifiers and a couple of guitars.

The interviewer asked:

“I love the photo of you with just the whole room of the early-’70s Stratocasters, and I’ve also seen a great piece of video footage where you just had the same sports car, like, 10 of them. Are there any things that you collect like that besides guitars and sports cars?”

To which Yngwie Malmsteen replied:

“Yeah, that would be Ferrari, though, specifically. I’m actually driving right now and I’m completely nuts about it, I’m a very passionate Ferrari owner. And I collect watches, and I collect guns. That’s it.

I don’t have a lot of amplifiers and a lot of guitars, I don’t even collect them anymore. I got 70 Marshall amps, and a couple of guitars, but I don’t really buy them anymore or anything like that.”

You can check out the full interview below.