Yngwie Malmsteen was the latest guest of the YouTube channel of ‘Sonic Perspectives’ this week and talked about his upcoming album as well as his decision not to collaborate with any musician.

You might follow Yngwie’s music that he has a catalog of twenty-one solo studio albums so far and he’s about to release his new studio album named ‘Parabellum’ which will be released on July 23. The album will be available as Red Transparent 2LP, web-exclusive Plateter 2LP, and also it will be on every digital streaming platform.

In the conversation, Rodrigo Altaf asked the details of the recording process of the upcoming album and if he’s still determinant about not working with any musicians. Yngwie once again stated that he’s not following the trends in the music scene and will not collaborate with other musicians anytime soon.

Here is what Malmsteen told:

“I was in junior high when the first punk wave came – Sex Pistols. And I was going, ‘What the fuck is this?! Why don’t you tune the guitar?! Why do you sing like that?!’ And then, of course, that wore out…

And then in 1991, the same exact thing happened again with the grunge wave. So, obviously, as you might already have figured out, I’m not a follower – I don’t follow trends. If anything, I make trends – I don’t follow.

And I’ve always been very clear in my vision on where I wanna go and what I wanna do. And my art is too important to me to dilute with trying to follow other things. So I just don’t do that. “

Yngwie continued saying:

“I don’t collaborate with people. I write all parts. Even when I hire people, when they are hired to record with me, I wrote the parts and sounds and so forth.

Listen, I never say never to anything, but right now this is exactly where I wanna be.”

You can watch the full interview below.