During a recent interview with Guitar World, Yngwie Malmsteen talked about why he doesn’t let his band fly in the first-class section.

Yngwie Malmsteen is a prolific guitarist who has been in the music scene for over 40 years. Throughout his career, he formed several bands and contributed to other artists with his guitar playing. Moreover, he also toured with them worldwide a great number of times.

As he is a musician who travels a lot, Malmsteen sometimes had some unpleasant experiences during his travels. In an interview by Guitar World, he remembered and shared some of these stories. Besides, the guitarist also revealed the reason why he does not let his band fly first-class.

During the conversation, Malmsteen recalled the time when he was going to Japan from the United States and they all were flying in the first class. He then stated that one woman in the plane decided to pour a pitcher of iced water towards him just to warn the band about their behavior.

Malmsteen then admitted that he was drinking at that time. However, he also mentioned that he wasn’t the big problem compared to the rest of the band. Nevertheless, the woman decided to warn them in her own way.

Furthermore, he talked about another flight where the drummer started to throw beer at people in the first class. Malmsteen then stated that he was the one who got kicked out from the first class in the end, because he was the frontman of the band.

As a result of numerous unfortunate events that occurred to him even though he wasn’t a part of them, Malmsteen said he started not letting his band members fly in the first-class since then.

In the interview, Malmsteen explained why the rest of his band can’t fly in the first class as:

“There’s no doubt I’d react differently now, but the ‘air rage’ incident of 1988 is still funny as shit. Here’s the part that people might not know. I fly first-class and the band and crew fly coach – that’s the way it is. But back then, some knucklehead decided to put everybody in first class.

The flight to Japan is 16 hours – and everybody gets shit-faced. I was drinking then, too, and I’m sure I wasn’t perfect, but I definitely wasn’t the biggest problem, either. So I fall asleep and this woman decides to take a pitcher of iced water and pour it over me, saying, ‘Cool down, boys!’

So I totally lose it. But it’s always the same. One time, I was in a bar and the drummer starts throwing beer at people, but they threw my ass out – because I’m the face of the band.”

Later in the conversation, Yngwie Malmsteen also talked about his days in Japan. He then revealed why the United States was a lost cause for him because of his personality and playstyle.