Yngwie Malmsteen spoke in a recent interview with My Global Mind and explained why nobody should compare each other in the music industry.

In the conversation, Malmsteen pointed out that the community started to compare him with the late Van Halen guitarist who is known for insane pace with the guitar, Eddie Van Halen.

However, Malmsteen stated that nobody actually can compare guitarists with each other because there is nothing to compare as it is in traditional sports. It is more like a personal preference.

Furthermore, Malmsteen also talked about his writings in his book in which he wrote that he wanted to go higher and faster than anyone has ever done. But, he revealed that he wasn’t comparing himself with anyone while saying that.

Interviewer asked:

“In your book, you talked about wanting to go higher and faster than anyone has ever done. Do you think you achieved that goal?”

Yngwie Malmsteen said:

“I don’t think I was comparing myself to anyone else; I had this weird goal in my mind where I wanted to go.

When I first discovered the sound of arpeggios, which means “broken chord,” I never heard anyone play like that. It was something I heard in my mind. It wasn’t that I was saying I wanted to be faster than anyone else; that wasn’t what I meant to say.

I always thought it was weird when people made comparisons. When I first came on the scene, people compared me to Eddie Van Halen. You can’t compare yourself to him; nobody can! I don’t think it is right for anyone to be compared to anyone else because it’s not a sport.”

Later in the conversation, Malmsteen also talked about the differences between him and Steve Vai and said that Vai is using second harmonies more that it makes them sound different from each other.