Guitarist and composer Yngwie Malmsteen revealed his favorite guitar of all time during a recent appearance on Premier Guitar.

In the conversation, Malmsteen mentioned that he promised himself to not have a favorite guitar in the past because he doesn’t feel good anything else if he gets used to them.

Furthermore, Malmsteen revealed that his favorite guitars are Yngwie Malmsteen signature guitars and mentioned that he has been playing with them for over years. However, he doesn’t have a single favorite.

As Malmsteen pointed out, there is a possibility of losing or breaking the guitar during the shows and tours. Therefore, he doesn’t like to have a single favorite guitar because having lots of favorites is making sure he can continue playing with his best ones in case anything happens to one of them.

Here is what Yngwie Malmsteen said:

“Well, I made a decision many, many years ago not to have one because for a long time I had a favorite guitar, or a couple of different ones, and once I get used to it, I don’t feel good playing anything else.

I don’t know if you guys saw a video recently, I played a ’59 Les Paul online in the music store and everybody’s staying on the comments, ‘It sounds exactly the same,’ even though it’s 12-gauge strings, no scallops, and humbucking pickup.

The thing is that I have a favorite, of course, I have these Yngwie Malmsteen models which I’ve used for many years now. So I don’t have one favorite one simply because when I go on the road, I wanna make sure I don’t lose them or something better.”

You can check out the full interview below.