Swedish guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen talked about his car accident back in 1987 and described it as the worst time of his life.

Malmsteen was on tour for his second studio album ‘Marching Out,’ released in September 1985, when he got involved in a serious accident. The tour was canceled after Malmsteen crashed his V12 Jaguar to a tree and was in a coma for a week in 1987. He survived the accident but had nerve damage on his right hand, which could end a guitarist’s career.

He described the accident as horrible and later revealed that he was fighting a couple more battles during that period. However, the guitarist managed to get through this challenging time and came out very strong after all the difficulties life had put him through.

Here is how he described his accident:

“My car crash of 1987 was a horrible thing. But worse things happened to me at the same time. First, I had that car accident. Then my mother died. Then I was ripped off for all my money. It was just a horrible time, you know? But when you’ve been struck down that hard, you either come back stronger – or you don’t. If you put an obstacle in front of me, I will crush it, and I will go forward. I am impossible to stop. I cannot be stopped.”

During the time of his accident, his mother passed away from cancer, and he lost all his money. In his words, he was ‘struck down hard’ but came back stronger than ever. The guitarist stated that nothing could stop him or back him out. In fact, he recently released his 22nd album ‘Parabellum.’

You can check out ‘Parabellum’ through Spotify below.

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