Yngwie Malmsteen recently joined Radioactive Mike Z for an interview during which he remembered hitting it off with a member of Metallica when he first met the band due to their origins.

On August 12, 1991, Metallica released their eponymous fifth album, also known as ‘The Black Album.’ Being their first musical effort which didn’t only focus on thrash metal, the album attracted a more mainstream audience. It achieved remarkable commercial success and became Metallica’s best-selling album.

Also known as ‘The Black Album,’ the record featured some of the band’s most popular songs like ‘Enter Sandman’ and ‘Nothing Else Matters.’ This year marks the album’s 30th anniversary, and the band celebrated this by releasing a remastered edition of the record on September 10, 2021.

A commercial mainstream rock radio station, KCAL-FM features a ‘Mandatory Metallica’ segment every night at 10 pm. In the interview by Radioactive Mike Z, Mike Z told Yngwie Malmsteen about this segment and asked him about the first time he heard Metallica.

As a response, Malmsteen stated that he remembers meeting Metallica back when he was playing for Alcatraz in 1982 and 1983. He stated that he met the members during a photoshoot. Following that, Malmsteen said he is Swedish and Lars Ulrich is Danish, so they spent quality time together.

Saying he loves Metallica, Malmsteen stated Metallica has built a remarkable music career. He then added it’s unbelievable that ‘The Black Album’ is now 30 years old. Moreover, Mike Z asked the guitarist if he has a favorite Metallica song to be played for Mandatory Metallica. Malmsteen then revealed that he really loves ‘Enter Sandman.’

During the conversation with Radioactive Mike Z, Yngwie Malmsteen recalled the first time he met Metallica:

“Actually, I remember the first time meeting the guys, because I was in a band called Alcatraz back in ’82, ’83. We used to go up to do photo shoots and stuff, that’s when I met them.

And you know, I’m Swedish, and Lars Ulrich is Danish, so we hit it off for a very good time. I loved the band, amazing, I think they’re incredible. An amazing career that they’ve built, it’s even crazier that the ‘Black Album’ is 30 years old.”

Asked if he has a favorite Metallica song, the guitarist stated:

“I don’t, but I really love ‘Enter Sandman.’ I know it’s probably a typical song, but I love it.”

Apart from releasing a remastered edition of the ‘Black Album,’ Metallica also celebrated the 30th anniversary of the record with ‘The Metallica Blacklist.’ Also released on September 10, 2021, ‘The Blacklist’ is a tribute album that features covers of every song from the 1991 record.