Yngwie Malmsteen made an appearance on The Eddie Trunk Podcast for an interview during which he revealed his opinions about touring together with AC/DC.

On September 5, 1985, AC/DC and Yngwie Malmsteen’s solo band Rising Force got on the same stage to perform together at Glens Falls Civic Center. The performance was AC/DC’s first headline concert in NY’s Capital Region, and their opening act was Malmsteen with his solo band, who were also playing their first area concert.

During the performance, Yngwie Malmsteen mostly performed songs from his solo debut album ‘Rising Force’ and his new record ‘Marching Out’ along with Jeff Scott Soto, who sang the vocals. However, the guitarist had some trouble with the sound system during the concert and didn’t get much response from the crowd.

At that time, AC/DC was promoting their tenth studio album ‘Fly On The Wall.’ They began the show with the title track, and continued with their classic hits like ‘Back In Back,’ and ‘Highway To Hell.’ In the end, AC/DC concluded the show with their ‘For Those About To Rock,’ and this was an entertaining experience for the fans.

During a Q&A session on The Eddie Trunk Podcast, one of his fans made Yngwie Malmsteen recall that performance in 1985. The guitarist said that he remembers that tour vividly because he really loves AC/DC. After praising the band members for being amazing and genuine, Malmsteen said he loved performing with them.

Talking about the tour he embarked on with AC/DC, Yngwie Malmsteen told The Eddie Trunk Podcast the following:

“1985. I remember that tour vividly because I love those guys. I can’t even tell you how great those guys were to tour with. They’re the most down-to-earth, amazing, genuine people. And what a band, oh my God! I did like a hundred shows with them. It was amazing. I loved it.”

Below, you can listen to AC/DC’s complete performance during the show at Glens Falls Civic Center.