Neoclassical metal icon and guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen was the recent guest of Eddie Trunk’s podcast and according to PlayerFM, guitar legend dropped by to discuss his new blues album, ‘Blue Lightning.’

As well as how often he plays when he’s home, the Monster of Rock Cruise pre-show and Yngwie also shared the reason why things didn’t work out with recent Vinnie Vincent gigs.

Eddie Trunk:

“When you were starting out as a kid, was that the goal? When you first had some money and had some success, was one of the first things you wanted to do to be able to buy a Ferrari?”

Yngwie Malmsteen:

“Well, yes and no. Because I grew up in Sweden, there wasn’t really any driving going on there because you couldn’t park anywhere in the city and it was expensive, so I was just a kid.

When I came to America, though, as soon as I came, I realized you can’t do anything without a car. So, I always liked sports cars, so I started buying a lot of English sports cars, Jags and all these convertibles.

One time in 1988, I just dropped by a dealership and I just signed the big deal. From that day on, I got the bug, I can’t help it.”

Eddie Trunk:

“Where do you keep your guitars? Do you keep them at your home, do you have a storage place, how do you achieve that?”

Yngwie Malmsteen:

“Well, they’re in my studio, you know, they’re all over the place. They’re mostly in the studio where I record. I use maybe two or three of them, most of the guitars that I use live are Yngwie Malmsteen signature models, which by the way come 30th anniversary this year, which is very cool.

Fender’s coming with the 30th anniversary. There was a time when I was collecting, I don’t really collect them anymore, I just have a bunch of them.”

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