Neoclassical metal icon Yngwie Malmsteen made a recent interview with Amit Sharma of Music Radar and revealed the 10 guitarists who impressed him most.

Yngwie also said that there are so many great guitar players in the world but he’s not influenced by every one of them.

Here is his statement:

“It didn’t feel like I had to underplay anything. I just performed at the appropriate level. There was no moment where I thought I should hold back or play slower or anything. So that’s why a lot of the bluesy songs, like the title track I wrote, involved a lot of my own sound.”

Here is his statement about Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page:

Here is what he said about Queen icon Brian May:

“Brian May is someone that I like in general – he’s very inventive when it comes to tones, playing with a coin and having all those pickup configurations.

I remember hearing Queen when I was just a little kid and being impressed by the whole sound of the band. Brian tends not to stick to just pentatonics, either; he mixes it all up, which is how I like to think, too.”

He also praised Eddie Van Halen. Here’s his statement: