Guitar legend Yngwie Malmsteen spoke in an interview with, and revealed the interesting theory which he found about songwriting method of The Beatles.

He remembered the time when he was covering one of the classics of The Beatles: “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”. Here’s the statement:

“I think like the rest of the people on this planet, we’re all Beatles fans. Also, when I thought about that song, I made sure that I looked at different versions of it: Eric Clapton did it, George Harrison obviously, and there’s live versions; so I looked at them all to get a feel for the song.

The bridge is really kind of weird. The Beatles will do that: they’ll put chords together that don’t really belong together, but they always sounded really good.

They’ll put chords together that really no one out there would ever think of those chords: they’re not theoretically correct. I wouldn’t do that because I’m classically trained, but I loved how they did that, that was one of the cool things about that song, I thought.”

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You can listen to While My Guitar Gently Weeps cover of Yngwie Malmsteen below.