While speaking to Music Radar, Yngwie Malmsteen claimed that he is such a natural songwriter that he can write a death metal or reggae song just in 10 minutes.

The neoclassical guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen has been active on the music scene since 1978. One of the most notable musicians of neoclassical metal, he contributed significantly to the genre’s development. Apart from playing with Alcatrazz, Steeler, and G3, Malmsteen has focused mainly on his solo career. 

During an interview with Music Radar, Yngwie Malmsteen talked about his new album ‘Parabellum’ and his musical abilities. In the interview, he said that he mainly improvises his solos and does the same when writing a song. Malmsteen then said that writing a song should be a spontaneous activity resulted from inspiration, which is what excites him the most.

Malmsteen also went on to claim that he can write anything he wants. He stated that he is capable of writing a death metal, country, or reggae song in 10 minutes. However, according to him, there needs to be some inspiration to excite him.

Malmsteen told Music Radar that:

“All my solos are improvised. They are not written out. They are not pre-mapped out, nothing. Obviously, I know which key I am in. I know the chord progression. I know that. But that is about it. I create on the spot. Things like all the fast stuff, the arpeggios, and the vocal parts, stuff like that, then I will just do it until it is right, but with the solos, I have to find a really magical moment to get it right.

It’s the same with writing. I find that writing is something that has to be spontaneous otherwise it doesn’t excite me. Because I could literally write anything I want, and do anything I want.

If you asked me to write a death metal or a country song, or a reggae song? Yeah, yeah. Call me back in 10 minutes. Done! No problem. But that doesn’t excite me. That’s not something that I would go, ‘Oh my God!’ That is something that comes to me like a gift, like someone has given me something, and I just kinda grab it and make it mine.”

Malmsteen is currently promoting his latest studio album titled ‘Parabellum.’ The album is his 22nd record and was released on July 23. During the pandemic, he recorded the album and released a music video for ‘Wolves At The Door,’ which he considered a ‘Paganini-referencing’ track.