Yngwie Malmsteen was interviewed by Guitar World and shared exclusive details about his latest album. The guitarist revealed that he used gunshot sounds in some of the record’s tracks.

Yngwie Malmsteen released his latest and twenty-second studio album entitled ‘Parabellum’ on July 23, 2021. The album was appreciated by his fans from all around the world and some of the music critics stated that it was one of the best records produced in 2021.

In addition, the guitarist found a chance to try firing a gun for the album which he wanted to do it years ago while he was working on his third studio album ‘Trilogy.’ However, he wasn’t able to add them back then because microphones couldn’t handle it and the sounds weren’t clear.

Therefore, Malmsteen unveiled that he wished to try it once again and this time he managed to record the sounds by firing a Berreta 92 in the studio. The guitarist used these sounds at the beginning of ‘Relentless Fury,’ in the middle of ‘Wolves at the Door’ along with ‘Sea of Tranquility.’

In Malmsteen’s words, he said:

“Okay. So, back in ’86, I was recording the ‘Trilogy’ album and I had just discovered sampling and triggering, right? It was a new thing then. I had a Magnum pistol and I wanted to have it triggered by a snare drum so that every time the drummer hit the snare a gunshot would go off. Like, pow! pow!

So I brought the gun into the studio, and we put up the mics and we put a big piece of wood there. ‘Okay, roll tape.’ We pull the trigger. Boom! Then we listen back and all you hear is a little pop. Because the microphones couldn’t handle it. So that was ’86. Now, on this album, I tried it again, and we got it.

I used a Berreta 92, the army pistol. You can hear it a couple of times. It’s at the beginning of ‘Relentless Fury,’ and it’s in the middle of ‘Wolves at the Door.’ There’s one more, I think, on the last song, ‘Sea of Tranquility.’ It’s such a cool effect, you know? It’s something I wanted to do 35 years ago, and we finally got it right.”

You can check out the songs below.