Yngwie Malmsteen joined The Eddie Trunk Podcast for an interview during which he revealed that he sees Ronnie James Dio as the best singer to work together.

Known for his neoclassical guitar playing style in heavy metal, Yngwie Malmsteen has collaborated with numerous artists throughout his career which spanned over 40 years. However, the musician currently prefers to handle much of the lead vocals himself in his own band.

Among those musicians, Malmsteen also made a collaboration with Ronnie James Dio back in 1999. For the Aerosmith tribute album ‘Not The Same Old Song And Dance,’ he worked with Dio, Stu Hamm, Gregg Bissonette, and Paul Taylor for the cover of Aerosmith’s classic hit ‘Dream On.’

With Dio’s powerful vocal performance and Yngwie Malmsteen’s masterful guitar playing skills, the result was an unforgettable cover of ‘Dream On.’ Although the song has been covered by a great number of musicians, Yngwie and Dio’s version remains a phenomenal classic.

During a Q&A session with fans on The Eddie Trunk Podcast, one of Yngwie Malmsteen’s fans asked the musician who was his favorite singer to work with. As a response, Yngwie revealed his favorite is Ronnie James Dio. Following that, he stated he and Dio did the recordings of ‘Dream On’ live together.

During the Q&A session on The Eddie Trunk Podcast, Yngwie Malmsteen’s fan asked him:

“I know how you were talking about how you don’t like working with vocalists anymore. But I’m wondering, out of the guys you have worked with like Graham Bonnet of Alcatrazz, Jeff Scott Soto, Joe Lynn Turner, who was your favorite and why?”

As a response, Malmsteen said:

Ronnie James Dio.

Eddie Trunk then intervened:

“You did ‘Dream On’ with Ronnie James Dio, right?”

Malmsteen answered:

“Yeah, I also did about a hundred tours with him.”

Trunk then told the musician the following:

“Yeah, but he didn’t sing. He sang with you on that version of ‘Dream On.’

Malmsteen stated:

“We’ve done recordings live together. But that’s beside the point. He’s my favorite, god bless him.”

Below, you can listen to Yngwie Malmsteen and Robert Dio’s version of Aerosmith’s ‘Dream On.’