Guitar legend Yngwie Malmsteen posted the photo of Jeff Bezos’ space company Blue Origin‘s rocket and announced that his music was played during the test flight which might upset Sir Elton John since his song ‘Rocket Man’ could have been a better choice.

As you may know, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezosspace company named Blue Origin conducted another test flight of its rocket, New Shepard, at a facility in the West Texas desert. The mission did not have passengers on board, however, a famous musician’s songs were taken to space with the rocket.

Recently, Swedish guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen posted the picture of Blue Origin’s rocket, New Shepard, on Instagram taken right before the takeoff. On the caption of his post, Malmsteen shared the exciting news of how his music was taken to space with Blue Origin without revealing which songs were chosen exactly.

Here’s what the caption said:

“Yngwie in Space!

Yngwie Malmsteen’s music was played on Blue Origin today.
OWC Blasts Yngwie Malmsteen’s music to Space with Blue Origin!”

Although Yngwie Malmsteen fans were thrilled with the news of his music went to space with a recent flight, some of them thought this might upset another iconic musician who literally had the nickname ‘Rocket Man.’ As you may know, Sir Elton John released his famous song ‘Rocket Man’ on his 1972 album ‘Honky Château‘ as the lead single.

Additionally, the biopic depicting Elton John’s life from his childhood to the 1980s was also named as ‘Rocketman’ which made many people think about whether his songs would have been a better choice to play in a rocket going to space.

You can see the photo posted by the official Instagram account of Yngwie Malmsteen below.