Iconic guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen spoke in a recent interview with Rob Rush Radio and explained why he feels extremely lucky as a musician.

In the conversation, the legendary guitarist mentioned that he is the luckiest man in the world he can do what he wants to do and said that he is so grateful to have creative freedom.

Furthermore, Malmsteen pointed out that he doesn’t make music and playing on the shows just because he has to, instead, he is making such things in music just because he wants to do it.

While saying that this is the reason why he feels so lucky, Malmsteen also revealed that he doesn’t need anybody to do something for his recordings because he knows exactly what he wants from the songs.

Here is what Yngwie Malmsteen said:

“I’m the luckiest man in the world. I feel like I’m so blessed. I’m so grateful for everything that’s happened to me, and mostly because I have creative freedom. And that’s why I’m so grateful.

So the reason I’m doing what I’m doing now is because that’s what I wanna do. It’s not because I have to or maybe I should do this. No, I’m very specific, and I know exactly what I want.

I have a very clear vision — crystal clear — about everything I do. The songs are already in my head before recording. I know what I’m doing exactly.

I don’t need a producer, I don’t need a co-writer — I don’t need any of that stuff. And that’s just for me — I’m not saying it’s bad for other people. Other people, it’s good for them. God bless — that’s great.

Whatever’s good for you, go ahead with it. But you’ve gotta understand, it’s a very individual thing.”

Malmsteen is going to release his newest album, Parabellum, on July 23 and only four out of ten songs will have vocals. Also, he will be touring in late 2021 with John 5 in North America.

You can check out the interview below.