Opeth guitarist and singer, Mikael Akerfeldt had a new interview with Music Radar and take a jab at Yngwie Malmsteen’s latest projects.

Since Mikael Akerfeldt admitted that Yngwie is an astonishing guitarist, he thinks that his albums are ‘pretty fuckin’ shit for a long time.’

Here is his statement:

“People talk a lot of shit about Yngwie… I talk a lot of shit about Yngwie! I hate him as much as I love him. I just want to shake him around, kick him in the ass and make him wake up to something.

He is fantastic and he knows it. He has the most beautiful tone of all heavy metal guitar players, bar Fredrik Akesson.

I saw his latest video for his blues album [‘Blue Lightning’], which I thought was appalling. Cruising down the Miami streets in his Ferrari… that’s not what I think of when I think of blues. It’s pretty horrible.”

Here is where he slammed Yngwie Malmsteen:

His records have been pretty fuckin’ shit for a long time, but the guitar playing has always been great. The last one I loved was [1988’s] ‘Odyssey,’ but now I just sound like a disgruntled Opeth fan. After that, he went a bit cheesy and got really bad.

I feel like he should take care of his career better and maybe calm down a bit, focus on writing great songs. He’s not giving himself the credit he is due, he just wants to carry on playing neoclassical at full distortion. But I still love him.”

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