Photo Credit: Bob Gruen

The wife of the legendary The Beatles singer John Lennon, Yoko Ono has shared a simple word on Twitter for tribute to his late husband.

Yoko adressed to John Lennon’s famous song Imagine, and wrote:

“Our imagination has no limits.”

See the tweet below.

Back on February 19, John Lennon’s sister Julia Baird has shared her thoughts on biggest misconception about Yoko Ono

Sputnik News asked:

“In your opinion is it unfair to blame the breakup of the Beatles on Yoko Ono?”

Julia said:

“Absolutely, it is very unfair. I know instinctively you think, I mean it couldn’t have been comfortable for any of them to have the girlfriend parking up in a bed in the studio while they were trying to record, I get all that, and John could have put a stop to all that couldn’t he? But I don’t think she was the cause of the breakup in my mind, and I think many fans don‘t think that either.

If you look at the tours you always meet a lot of people that say saw the Beatles on tour between 1964 from the Ed Sullivan show, right until 1966, without exception say, could you hear anything? No, they didn’t hear one word, of one song.”

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