The daughter of Aerosmith’s legendary frontman Steven Tyler, Mia Tyler has responded to the apology of her friend, whose cat harmed a chair really bad, by saying that the chair belongs to Liv Tyler and he needs to apologize to her instead.

A very close friend of Mia and a talented artist, Joseph Grazi has shared the bad news on Instagram Stories that his cat, he called feral, damaged the chair he thinks that belongs to Mia Tyler. Grazi said he is sorry about it, but at least, the chair just got the personality now.

Reposting the story, Mia said she got the chair from her sister, Liv Tyler, who is a beautiful actress and former model. She added he really needs to apologize to Liv instead of her.

Mia Tyler and the artist Joseph Grazi have been close friends for years now. They have appeared at several art galleries throughout the years since Mia began to display her works, featuring her X-rated, adult-themed paintings, in 2012.

You can see the story in which Mia mentioned her sister Liv Tyler below.

Photo Credits: Mia Tyler – Instagram Stories