On Twitter, KISS’s legendary bass guitarist Gene Simmons responded to a follower’s tweet claiming he would vote for money and reminded the fan it was none of his business to talk about Gene’s political preferences.

As you may know, KISS icon Gene Simmons has been using his social media accounts to show his reaction to certain political and social issues in the U.S. even though he often faces the reaction of some of his fans.

Recently on Twitter, a fan wanted to know who Gene was going to vote in the upcoming elections. However, KISS star claimed it wasn’t anybody’s business since voting was simply about personal choices, and the fact that he was famous didn’t mean he had to share this kind of personal information with the fans.

Following Simmons’ reaction to his fan on Twitter, another fan named Martin Pierce claimed it didn’t matter if Gene revealed whom he was going to vote since he would probably vote for the money.

As a response to the fan’s claims, Gene Simmons stated the fan actually had no idea about his personality or whom he would vote for. Simmons again reminded the fans it was none of their business to talk about the candidate Gene would prefer to vote and continued:

“Thank you, Martin. But you don’t know me or who/what I would vote for. And of course, it’s none of your business, anyway. Finally, you sound smarter Sir, if you don’t guess.”

You can see the tweet Gene Simmons posted on his official Twitter account below.