Lead guitarist of metalcore band Asking Alexandria, Ben Bruce, has shared a new tweet and openly mocked One Direction member Harry Styles.

He wrote:

“2019 is the year me and @Harry_Styles become best friends….it was supposed to happen last year and the year before….and the year before that….but THIS is the year….I just know it!!!!”

A fan said:

“Next big event: Race between @benjaminbruce and @SebastianDanzig to see who becomes best friends first with @Harry_Styles
Plot twist: it involves dueling guitars and they end up becoming best friends over the experience”

Palaye Royale guitarist Sebastian Danzig said:

“The games are on.”

Ben Bruce responded:

This isn’t a game to me mate. I wouldn’t waste Harry’s time with a “game”. He’s my soulmate….this is some serious shit!!!!”

Sebastian said:

“But I want to share suits. That is friendship.”

You can see the tweets below.