Rob Scallon, one of Youtube’s most watched guitar phenomena, was working on a new solo album. Finally, the album is complete and ready to be released.

Rob’s new album was called “The Scene Is Dead”. There will be 11 songs in the album. These songs will be the first album songs Rob produced in his solo career. It will be an important album in this respect. The album will be released on January 30th.

The pre-sale of the album has already begun. You can pre-order the vinly for $20. Click here to reach out pre-order page.

The first single song with the name “Gas Mask Catalogue” was released. You can listen to it from below. You can also browse the album cover photo and song list from below. Rob’s thoughts on the album are as follows:

“The album was made with extended-range guitars. 4 tracks of which featuring the 9-string tuned to C# or double drop B. This song was written with the goal of sparingly using the extended low-range for particular accents and leaving most of the riffing to regular guitar territory. And if I was able to shred well enough to play Pete’s solo it would include all the strings…

The tracks on this album are named after no longer with us metal bands from the Chicago suburbs. The album is dedicated to them and all the other local bands that made up our local metal scene growing up.”

Track List of “The Scene Is Dead”

1. Gas Mask Catalogue (solo by Pete Cottrell)
2. Envy
3. Gateways (solo by Jeff Loomis)
4. And Ever
5. chronosil
6. Jerome (solo by Rabea Massaad)
7. JekylnHyde
8. The Dial
9. Inferis Exterra
10. The Obscurity (solo by Sarah Longfield)
11. Rogue (solos by Ola Englund, Garrett Peters, Leah Woodward, Jeff Loomis)