One of the longest friends of Ozzy Osbourne, Zakk Wylde had a new interview with The Cassius Morris Show, and he admitted a bold truth about Ozzy Osbourne’s alcohol addiction.

As you might read his statements below, he claimed that they weren’t sober any day during their earlier days with Ozzy.

Here are his statements below.

“I always said that the two guys I could always ask for advice would be my dad, and Ozz would be, like, an older brother.

Even with our kids, our oldest son, to our little guy is like, there’s like a 20-year gap in there, so that’ kind of how my relationship is with Ozz is, like an older brother.

I’ve always just said it’s a miracle how any work gets done, just because all you gotta do is be around him for, like, five minutes, you’ll be on the floor, crying laughing, just him making fun of himself and takes a piss out of himself and everything else that’s going on.

Whether it’s current events or anything you’re talking about, he’ll always find a way to just either completely take a piss out of it and destroy it. It’s a miracle any work gets done.”

He continued:

” I just figured I’d be drinking well into my 70s, I was just, like, yeah… My buddies are, like, ‘We lost a drinking partner, but we gained a designated driver. Pick us up in about six hours.’ I’m the Uber driver for all my drunk friends.”

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