During a recent podcast on ‘Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon,’ Zakk Wylde has shared the super-exciting details about Ozzy Osbourne’s upcoming 2020 tour, and he confirmed his involvement with Ozzy.

As we all know, Zakk didn’t appear in Ozzy’s upcoming studio album ‘Ordinary Man,’ which will be released in early 2020. However, Wylde confirmed that his position didn’t change in the band’s tour, and he is still a ‘touring man.’

Here’s what Zakk Wylde stated:

“Yeah. The plans are to go out with the boss and then if that changes, then we’ll either be out doing Zakk Sabbath or whatever, the Pride and Glory reunion or whatever. Or like you said, Black Label Lingerie for men line, we’ll be putting that out. [Laughs].”

Elsewhere in the interview, he also talked about the upcoming album. He continued:

“We’re re-recording the first Sabbath record, so we’re gonna record that record – me, Joey, and Blasko – that’s already in the works, so we’re gonna in after the tour and then, like, knock this record out.

Yeah, the way we do it, the whole thing is when you know, it’s gonna sound like us playing through a record. We’re gonna do it as close as we can, but obviously, I don’t think anybody’s gonna have any distinction going – you’ll listen to it and go, ‘Well, what do you think, can you tell the difference?’

People would go, ‘Oh yeah, the Zakk Sabbath version compared to the real Black Sabbath version, what’s the big difference?’. They’ll go, ‘It’s not as good.’ So, I mean, the whole thing is people already know that going in, that’s why we’re not afraid at all going in recording this record.”

You can find the full interview below.

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