In a recent interview made by Metal Injection, guitar legend Zakk Wylde explained his thoughts about former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist, Gus G.

He said that Ozzy brought him back to his band because he make better sandwiches than Gus G. Here’s the statement:

“It’s not so much Ozz brought me back for the Zakk era or the music that I played. It was kind of like: When Gus came in – Gus is phenomenal, he’s amazing, he’s ridiculous. He’s a buddy of mine and we know how ridiculous he is.

But then I told Gus when he started playing with Ozz: ‘Make sure that dishes are spotless. And the glasses. And also, when you make his ham sandwich go light on the mustard.’ That’s what I was told when I first joined the band.

And Gus, he would go heavy on the mustard. Just like he’s heavy on his technique and heavy with practice regime and that’s why he’s such an amazing player. And that’s why they brought me back, it’s not so much for my playing, it’s just the mustard.

It’s a bless to be back with the boss. But another reason… People were just like, ‘What’s going on with this tour? It’s a farewell tour.’

And the pretty much the reason where we’re at now is Ozz told me, ‘Zakk, all the money you’ve made with me and all the money you’ve made doing other various things…’ You know, the dog grooming, washing of dishes, cleaning pools, and things like that. ‘Take all that money, put it on Conor McGregor to win this fight against Mayweather.’

I said, ‘Are you sure about that?’ He said, ‘Put it all on him. I have inside information, he’s gonna win this fight.’ Now Ozzy and me both live in the van down by the river. And that’s why we’re getting back together for this tour. And probably through to 2020. And hopefully we won’t have to do the ‘Bad Investment Tour’ and keep going to 2024.”

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