In a recent interview with Linea Rock, guitar master Zakk Wylde explained what he learned from Ozzy Osbourne; about leading a band, he said:

“I really learned from Ozz. If Ozzy was a team owner or anything like that, he’d surround himself with great people and delegate the power.

If Ozzy was president of the United States it would be like Ozzy’s not running the military and he’s not running the police department and he’s not running freeways and the roads – he delegates the power to people who know how to do that.

Then you have advisers but you make the final decision. That’s how you run a business or you run a band or you run anything – you surround yourself with great people.

Just like with Wylde Audio, doing the guitars, anything like that. Surround yourself with great people that know what they’re doing.

I’m not building those guitars, I have people that are great guitar luthiers that are building them, but obviously I have a final say whether they’re done.

You can watch the entire interview below.