In a recent interview with “Fueled By Death Cast” podcast, guitar legend Zakk Wylde has revealed the reason of why he returned Ozzy Osbourne’s solo band.

Here’s the statement:

“It’s business as usual. I always said back in the day [that] it was a miracle anything ever got done, because everybody is always cracking up laughing.

All’s I got to do is hang around with the boss for about five minutes… he’s always taking the piss out of himself, and whatever current events are going on in the world or whatever’s going on. He’s hilarious, man.

He also spoke about his fans and said:

“It’s not fans — we have fams. It’s the Black Label family of doom or the Zakk Sabbath family or the Ozzy family o’doom. I’ve known people now with Black Label for over 20 years. They’ve had kids, and now their kids are, like, 19 years old… Everybody is like one gigantic family.

It’s almost kind of like The Grateful Dead. It’s bigger than a band. Everybody has a common ground where everybody meets and they have a good time and everything like that. It’s definitely way cool.”

If you want to read entire interview, click here. Also check out for the audio below.