Black Label Society frontman Zakk Wylde recently spoke to Guitar World, and during the interview, he recalled some special moments from his music career and said that if Ozzy Osbourne hadn’t paid attention to one of his riffs, it would never reach its potential.

As you may know, Zakk Wylde has been a long-term collaboration with Ozzy Osbourne, starting with the album ‘No Rest for the Wicked.’ Later on, he contributed to five more Osbourne studio albums. Ozzy Osbourne had confirmed that Zakk Wylde will also be playing in his forthcoming solo album, which is planned to be released in early 2022.

It is beyond a doubt that the two collected many memories during their long-time collaboration. One of the memories Wylde recalled is about the track ‘I Don’t Want to Change the World’ from Ozzy Osbourne’s 1991 album ‘No More Tears.’ The song reappeared again in Osbourne’s ‘Live & Loud’ live album and won a Grammy award in the category of Best Metal Performance with this version.

During the interview, Zakk Wylde revealed the unknown story behind the riffs of this song. Wylde said that he was playing the riff in that track while they were jamming, but just to have fun. Later on, Osbourne heard him playing that riff and seriously said that they would use it in the later recordings.

Zakk Wylde recalled how Ozzy Osbourne realized the potential of his riff by saying:

“We were at Joe’s Garage, Frank Zappa’s old place, and we were jamming. I remember I was playing the main riff, and then I’d get through it and just stop. And then say something into the mic, like, ‘How not to ever get a date’, or ‘I have no job and I live with my parents.’ And then we’d go back into the riff.

It was just us on the floor, crying-laughing and coming up with all this stuff that we kept saying in between that riff. Then Ozzy comes walking into the room and he goes, ‘What is that?’ I’m like, ‘What are you talkin’ about?’ And he says, ‘That thing you’re playing. That riff.’ I go, ‘Oh, it’s just a joke…’ And he goes, ‘We’re going to use that.‘ Next thing you know, it won a Grammy!

Although Zakk Wylde told Osbourne that they were just kidding around, apparently, Ozzy was serious about using that riff. The riff in ‘I Don’t Want to Change the World’ proved its potential by bringing a Grammy award to Osbourne.

You can listen to the live version of ‘I Don’t Want to Change the World’ below.