Black Label Society founder Zakk Wylde opened up about his band’s upcoming album ‘Doom Crew Inc.’ during a recent interview with 105.5 WDHA. The guitarist recalled losing his mother around the time he wrote ‘Love Reign Down,’ as well as Ozzy Osbourne‘s album, ‘No More Tears.’

Ozzy Osbourne released his sixth solo studio album, ‘No More Tears‘ on September 17, 1991. The record is one of the most celebrated solo works as it charted at No. 17 on the UK Albums Chart and No. 7 on the US Billboard 200 when it was first released.

The album also had four singles that reached the top ten on the US Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart, including the No. 2 ‘Mama, I’m Coming Home,‘ and the Grammy-winning track ‘I Don’t Want to Change the World.’

Zakk Wylde has been the longtime guitarist of the Prince of Darkness, appearing on eight albums since his 1988 record, ‘No Rest For The Wicked.‘ The musician has also contributed to the band as a songwriter in 1991.

During a recent interview about Black Label Society’s upcoming album, Zakk Wylde reflected on the tracklisting. Apparently, he brought back several songs he wrote a long time ago, including a track named ‘Love Reign Down.’

Unfortunately, the song has a tragic story, as Wylde wrote it for his mother, who passed away around that time. It also happened to be the time when he worked on Ozzy Osbourne’s ‘No More Tears,’ which must have affected his mindset.

Regarding the band’s new album, Wylde said:

“What we ended up doing was tracking about 30 songs and then whittled it down to the 12 that we have on the album. It’s funny, ’cause the ‘Farewell Ballad‘ thing has been sitting around on YouTube for probably about 11 years or something like that, just that instrumental strip of music.

And so I was just, like, ‘You know what? Let me just get around to finishing this thing.’ ‘Cause, we had that bit of music, the chord progression that I wrote. So then I just finished it, I just wrote a melody, I wrote a song with that intro. Then ‘Love Reign Down,‘ the piano ballad, that was sitting around.

I wrote that about my mother who passed away. That was during the making of Ozzy Osbourne’s ‘No More Tears’ actually. I remember noodling on the piano at A&M and I wrote that song. So it was good to actually finally put that on an album. But the rest of it is all brand new.”

You can listen to ‘Love Reign Down’ below.