Black Label Society lead singer and also the lead guitarist of Ozzy Osbourne, Zakk Wylde, was recently interviewed by Kerrang’s Simon Young and shared what he really thinks about Ozzy’s Wife Sharon as well as Ozzy’s public persona rather than his musician side.

As you might already know, Zakk Wylde is 54-years-old and he knew Ozzy and his lovely wife Sharon Osbourne since he was just 19. Back in 1984, Zakk auditioned for being the lead guitarist and the co-writer for Ozzy Osbourne and managed to replace Jake E. Lee. Since then, he spent over 30 years with The Blizzard of Oz and Sharon.

In his latest interview, Zakk was asked what sort of influence has Sharon had on his life. While calling Sharon ‘her mom’ in his statement, he also stated that he would not have Black Label if Sharon would not be there for him.

Here is what Zakk said about Sharon Osbourne:

“I lovingly refer to her as Mom. She’s been like a mother figure to me since then. My life wouldn’t be what it is without them, that’s a fact.

I wouldn’t have Black Label and I wouldn’t have been able to do Pride and Glory or anything. Everything I have, I owe it to them. They took a 19-year-old kid and gave him the opportunity of a lifetime.”

And here is his statement about Ozzy’s private persona:

“Friends who’ve known Ozzy ever since he was eight years old have all said the same thing, that no matter how much money he’s had or how much fame he’s had, he’s always been the same as he was back in school.

He takes the piss out of himself all the time. Even if you just sit around watching TV with him, you’ll be on the floor crying and laughing.

It’s a miracle that any work ever gets done. He’s hysterical all the time. We get together, we jam and we go home.”

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